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NCA Cheer Competitions

Even today, the NCA is still a leading name in the industry with regard to NCA cheer competitions for cheerleading and camps, special events and prizes awarded at these cheering competitions. The National Cheerleading Association (NCA) is the first cheerleading company which was founded back in 1948 by Lawrence Herkimer.

The Story Behind the NCA Cheer

The founder of the National Cheerleading Association was a male SMU cheerleader named Lawrence Herkimer. He cheered and raised the teams’ spirit, and he was preponderantly known for his jump, the ‘Herkie’ jump. In 1948, Herkimer began to teach young cheerleaders what he knew at a camp organized at the Sam Huston State Teachers College in Texas, Huntsville.

Starting with that 1984 camp, the NCA cheer story started to shape out. But apart from the well-regarded cheer camps that evolved to nowadays, the NCA was also the first company to manufacture uniforms for cheerleaders, under the name of the Cheerleading Supply Company. The authenticity of NCA stands in mostly everything used in cheerleading today, from pompons and Spirit Ribbons and Sticks, and down to the famous ‘Herkie’ jump that all cheerleading teams perform.

The Purpose behind NCA Cheerleading Competitions

The NCA cheerleading nationals championships are organized with the main purpose of offering cheerleading teams to compete in a well-thought through and organized manner that come with these top-rated competitions. The NCA cheerleading competitions aren’t merely for creating and promoting a strong school cheer and spirit, but they’re also organized in a fair and professional manner in order to provide participants with an atmosphere that only stimulates the teams’ competitive spirit more.

The NCA also comes before the main purpose of cheerleading, which is to promote that previously-mentioned team spirit and cheer. Thus, within many NCA cheer championships, the Game Day division was introduced. This division is also included in the NCA national competitions, therefore providing cheer teams with the change of doing what they do on the sidelines.

Cheer Competitions by the NCA in 2011

The NCA cheerleading competitions taking place in 2011 are numerous and with the New Year, the NCA also bring a new form of filling in registration forms and sending them in. For 2010 and 2011, the NCA implemented a more convenient system which allows participants to easily and electronically fill in registration forms, save them to PDFs and e-mail them as attachments or print and fax or mail them to the Association.

On January 8 and 9, the NCA Senior and Junior High School National Championship will take place in Dallas, Texas, at the Dallas Convention Center, and there’s also a video registration available for it. The NCA All-Star National Cheer Championship, on the other hand is scheduled for February 26-27, 2011, also at the Dallas Convention Center. On March 5th, 2011, the NCA High School Open National Championship will go down at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Later in spring, The NCA and NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship will amaze fans on the Daytona Beach, in Florida, between April 6 and April 10, at The Band Shell, Ocean Center.

The Classic and US/International NCA Cheer Competitions

On January 9, 2011, at the Family Arena in St. Charles, Missouri, the NCA/NDA St. Louis Classic is set to receive contestants. The Lakeland Center, in Lakeland, Florida, will also host the NCA and NDA Sunshine Classic on January 22. The NCA and NDA Oklahoma Classic and the NCA and NDA Atlanta Classic are taking place on February 5-6 at the Cox Convention Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and at the Gwinnett Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, respectively.

But apart from the NCA cheer competitions, the National Cheerleading Association also organizes a Summer Camp which is said to be the best in the area, with one-on-one buddy instructors, reliable coaches training, new and fresh stunts learned, innovative dances, chants and cheers, unequaled team bonding and the opportunity of picking a camp that’s located near the participant’s home since the NCA has camps all across the United States.


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