Jan 122011

Cheering Competitions

Seeing as the new year is here it’s only fair to start preparing and see what cheering competitions will be taking place – and their are some big cheerleading competitions 2011 scheduled. Although cheerleading has just started to gain popularity worldwide, in the United States there are numerous cheer competitions held every year from some big cheering sponsors.

Cheerleading Competitions Background

Before getting into 2011 cheerleading competitions, a few facts about cheerleading will be given that may be of interest to you. Not many cheerleaders know that this sport or dance that has become an American tradition has been around for only a little over a century now. Cheerleading began in the 1900s and it was, at first, a male only sports activity, although that seems hard to believe – right girls?.

Things changed in the 1920s when females were allowed to participate and become cheerleaders. However, cheerleading has also experienced an evolution, since at the beginning it only was about a cheer crowd. The dance routines and athletically correct jumps together with the encouraging verbal chants and cheers came only thereafter along with all the many cheering competitions held throughout the country today.

Cheering Competitions in 2011

January of 2011 will bring quite a few cheer competitions for cheerleaders in the United States. These cheerleading competitions are taking place in different states of the U.S. and have different organizers. Respectively, the same rules don’t apply to all, so if you want to make sure that you or your team can participate, then access their websites for more information on registration, fees and rules.

Cheering Competitons from Fabulous 50’s Open and Holiday Championship McAllen by American Cheer Power

This is one of the top cheerleading competitions that will take place in 2011. It’s organized by the American Cher Power, who has been in the cheerleading business for 25 years as of 2010. The organization started as a local Texas Association at first, in 1985, and was founded by Regina Symons and called the Cheer Power Texas Cheerleading Association Inc., with only two cheerleading competitions.

The association grew later on, turning into a state championship and, in 1994, into a national event that is now known as American Cheer Power, which later united with cheer company Varsity in 2008. Apart from the awards in cash, the competitions for cheering organized by American Cheer Power also give each national champion a leather letter jacket.

Locations and Details for American Cheer Power Cheerleader Competitions

This championship is, as the name states, a 50’s competition. The cheering competition is open to both teams and individuals and will take place at the McAllen Convention Center in Teas. However, Fabulous 50’s cheerleading competitions 2011 will also take place in other states such as Oklahoma, Maryland, West Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania. For a complete list of these cheer competitions, their dates and locations, and other competitions for cheerleading organized by American Cheer Power, check the link provided at the end.

Prizes Offered at American Cheer Power Cheerleading Competitions

With regard to prizes, the American Cheer Power has both items, such as jackets and rings, and trophies and medal up for grabs. But, there are cash prizes as well. For example, the All-Star Cheer program awards amount $1,000 for each small gym and large gym national grand champions that have the two, and five respectively, highest combined scores.

On the other hand, high point champions who come up on every level, regardless of large or small category gyms can receive a cash prize of $500. The National Grand Champion with the highest School/Rec. score will also get $250 and The Dance National Grand Champion who after 4 routines has the highest combined 4-score will also get a $500 cash award.

The American Cheer Power is not the only one organizing cheerleading competitions in 2011. The COA Cheer & Dance has scheduled numerous cheering competitions at high schools in Ohio. What’s truly amazing about this is that the COA Cheer & Dance together with the Shirley A. Wedge National Cheerleading and Dance Scholarship Fund have come together for COA’s scholarship program, which up until now has awarded more than $400,000 in scholarships to cheerleaders and dance athletes.


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