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Reach the Beach Cheer Competition

The cheerleading competition known as Reach the Beach is organized by the American Cheer and Dance Academy. This cheer competition represents a great chance for both cheerleaders and dancers to be a part of the team and learn how to work as a team in order to win. But the Reach the Beach cheerleading competition is not just an event highly valued and appreciated by participants only, but also by parents, coaches and fans who love to attend this event every year.

The American Cheer Dance Academy

The American Cheer & Dance Academy (ACDA) is the organizer of the Reach the Beach cheerleading competition. The ACDA is one of the biggest cheerleading companies in the business, competing against other big companies such as AmeriCheer, Spirit Unlimited, American Cheer Power, Cheer America and the Eastern Cheerleaders Association.

It was founded in 1991, and since then it began organizing fair cheerleading competitions which appealed both to the public and participants. The mission of ACDA is only to excel in cheer competitions. It puts a big effort into organizing well thought through events that are important for athletes.

The Idea behind Cheer Competitions Such as Reach the Beach

The ACDA cheerleading is striving to help cheerleader athletes understand teamwork and offer young people to dedicate themselves to something they love. The idea behind the ACDA is that cheerleading doesn’t only mean sports and athletics, but that it also represents a great opportunity for young people to understand how important goal setting is and how far dedication can get you.

The Reach the Beach cheerleading competition doesn’t only bring short-term satisfaction. The ACDA believes that, by participating in competitions for cheerleaders, young people can start building their career, get a taste of success and be a part of a team that will later shine on them throughout their lives.

The Reach the Beach Competition for Cheerleaders

This cheerleading competition is not only fair, but also pleasant. The competition management system and the fair judging draw numerous cheerleading teams to participate each year. This competition respects all the standards of the Nation’s Leading Cheer Companies (NLCC) for all the divisions of the competitions in order to offer participants an amazing, fair and correct experience of being a part of a competition.

Locations and Dates

The 2011 Reach the Beach cheerleading competition has already scheduled its dates for nationals and internationals which will take place in 2011. The cheer competitions begin towards the end of February and will last till the beginning of April. The first 2011 Reach the Beach competition, the Reach the Beach So Cal National, will take place in Long Beach, California, on February 19, 2011.The Rec & School Open Nationals are schedule for February 26, 2011 in Ocean City, Maryland, whereas the Dance Nationals will take place only one day after that, on February 27.

The Reach the Beach Gulf of Mexico Nationals are set to take place on March 6, 2011 in Galveston, Texas, and the Daytona Nationals will go down on March 19, 2011, in Daytona, Florida. The Reach the Beach Ocean City All-Star and College Internationals is scheduled in April, on April 2 and 3, and will take place in Ocean City Maryland.

Awards Given by the ACDA at the Reach the Beach Cheerleading Competition

The American Cheer & Dance Academy offers trophies for all teams, together with a RTB Nationals beach bag for each and every participant. For division winners, RTB National Champion jackets are given, together with banners. Coaches also get a chance to win a new Kia Soul, for which a drawing will take place on February 26.

The Reach the Beach competition also offers cash prizes. $500 will be awarded for the individual with the highest score, and another $500 to the ensemble that scores highest. However, these prizes are subjected to the number of participants, thus ACDA reserves the right to award prizes if a specific number of teams register.


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Rules for Reach the Beach 2011

2011 Reach the Beach fees for spectators/coaches:


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