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Florida Cheerleading Competitions

Florida cheerleading competitions are easy to find and numerous dance team and cheering competitions are set to take place in Florida 2011. The majority of these championships will be organized by the Florida Cheer and Dance Association (FCDA), but other organizations are also going to organize highly competitive Florida cheerleading competitions in 2011.

Cheerleading is mostly known and practiced in the United States. But although the idea of whether this activity is indeed a sport or not and whether cheerleaders are athletes or not has been debated for a long time. However, there are numerous cheerleading companies and organizations that strongly believe that cheerleading is a sport and that would do anything in order to support young people to follow their passion and love to value teamwork with the help of the sport of cheer, including organizing a cheerleading competition in Florida.

Cherleader CompetitionChampionships by the Florida Cheer & Dance Association

The FCDA will have five cheerleading and dance competitions in Florida in January. The first of these five is the Georgia Ice-Breaker which will go down on January 8 in Atlanta, Georgia. The FDCA promises both prizes and games for everyone who attends the events, parents, competitors and coaches. All participants will receive medals and all teams will get custom-made trophies to take home. Moreover, the champions of the Georgia Ice-Breaker cheerleading competition in Florida will also receive a surprise gift!

The West Coast Challenge will take place on January 15, 2011 in St. Petersburg. Participants to this competition will receive a die-cast medal with ribbon of the FCDA. Also, all teams are bound to receive trophies, whereas each and every individual performance will go home with a trophy as well. Two Most Spirited trophies will also be awarded and one team will go home with a Top Team Performance Trophy.

The Trophy Classic will take over the Estero Recreation Center, in Naples/Fort Myers on January 16, whereas the Fort Pierce Pizzazz will be held in Fort Pierce on January 22. The last event of the month organized by the FDCA is the Miami Meltdown which will literally meld Miami with jumps and amazing cheer routines on January 29. For other cheerleading competitions in Florida organized throughout 2011 by the FCDA, check out the resource links at the end.

Florida Cheer Competitions by Diamond Cheer & Dance

The first cheerleading championship organized by the Diamond Cheer and Dance in Florida will take place on March 25 and 26 in Jacksonville, under the name of the Jacksonville Diamond Championship. For all competitions in Florida, the Diamond Cheer and Dance offers competitor gifts, trophies for all teams, gifts for coaches and tons of fun throughout the championships. The Diamond’s Jewel of Charlotte Harbor Championship is taking place only a few days later in Punta Gorda on April 2. Tallahassee will also experience the cheer competition on April 16, at the Tallahassee Diamond Championship.

Two Cheerleading Competitions in FL by Mardi Gras Spirit Events

Mardi Gras Spirit Events will organize two cheer championships in Florida in 2011. Mardi Gras’ is a cheerleading event organizer based in New Orleans, LA and what it promises participants is ‘One Big Party!’ At the end of the competitions, the awards are given away during a party gras style award ceremony that includes a parade. The parade is done with the help of participants, from cheerleaders and dancers and down to parents and coaches. The parade also implies beads and costumes and great music in the background.

The Mardi Gras Jester Jubillee will take place at the Leon County Civic in Tallahasse sometime in November or December, the exact date has not been scheduled yet but you can track it on Mardi Gras Spirit Events’ website. The Party Gras Competition, on the other hand, is set for March 5 in Lakeland, Florida at the Lakeland Center. Awards given by the organizer for both of these competitions consists in gifts for each and every participant, trophies for all teams. The teams participating in this cheerleading competition Florida; and that get to first place receive a champion banner, whereas the top Gran Champion Team will receive a grand champion banner.

Resources for Cheering Competitions

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Florida Cheerleading Competitions by FCDA

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